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Advantage Fuel Card

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Give Your Company The Advantage It Needs

Beach Oil Company’s fleet fueling system, Advantage Fuel Card, can help you and your business gain more control and economy for your fleet fueling program. With the Advantage Fuel Card, all vehicle-related transactions are electronically approved and processed, and information is tracked and consolidated into one complete report. Read on to find out how the Advantage Card can improve your fleet fueling program and save you money.

The Advantage of Control

The Advantage Fuel Card helps you eliminate unauthorized purchases by allowing you to control:

  • Which drivers can purchase fuel
  • What vehicles each driver can fuel
  • Where they can purchase fuel
  • What grades of fuel they can purchase
  • What convenience items can be purchased

Advantage Card customers are provided with a magnetically encoded plastic card that will allow authorized members of your company to make specific purchases at all area Beach Oil Company stores.  On a monthly basis, you will receive concise, easy-to-read reports detailing all of your transactions, mileage and vehicle information for that period.

The Advantage of Convenience
Your drivers will appreciate the hassle-free convenience of their Advantage Card. Drivers simply insert their card in the pay-at-the-pump dispenser, enter their PIN number and odometer reading, then pump their fuel. In most locations it is not even necessary for drivers to go inside the store. And, as always, free air and water are available at all Beach Oil locations. A map of area Beach Oil Stores is available here.

The Advantage Card should be especially attractive to bulk fuel storage tank owners who no longer want to be responsible for the environmental liability, insurance cost, and detailed record keeping which tank owners are faced with today. The Advantage Card will allow you to shift the investment of tanks, pumps, leak detection equipment, and fuel inventory to Beach Oil Company, Inc.

There is no cost and no fees are charged to your company for the convenience of using the Advantage Card. Specific reports that must be developed for special needs can be provided at a reasonable cost. Also, by using the Advantage Fuel Card you may be eligible for early payment and quantity discounts. The Advantage Card doesn’t cost – it saves!

  • Discount earned and paid on monthly basis 
  • Discount can be earned on annual basis (Example - Customer volume is over 1,000 gallons in seven months and under 1,000 gallons the other five months.  The customer would earn the discount in the seven months he went over 1,000 gallons and not in the five months he did not.  If for the year, the total gallons was more than 12,000 gallons, he  would earn the 0.01 per gallon on all gallons for the year.)
  • Prompt pay discount is earned if the customer's bank account is EFT by the 10th day of the following month.
The Advantage of Security
Card security features help prevent fraud and theft. Drivers can be locked out of the system with a phone call. Fuel buying patterns can be closely monitored and vehicles can be tracked for more efficient routing.

Within days of the close of your billing cycle, you will receive a detailed report showing the date and time of each transaction and the products purchased by location, vehicle and driver. Odometer readings are also listed, as well as miles per gallon and cost per mile calculations. Fleet reports showing month to date information, year to date information, and other reports are available. Billings come from a single source and your record keeping is greatly reduced.

There has never been an easier or more affordable way to manage your fuel purchases. Whether you are a company, agency, or organization with a single vehicle or an entire fleet, Beach Oil Company's Advantage Card will improve your security and control, simplify your record keeping and help save on your fueling cost.

We would like to invite you to give your fueling program the Advantage it needs. Simply complete the mini-application and a representative will contact you in a few days. For a more immediate response, call us at 931-358-9303.